Looking At The Best Suburbs Of Columbus OH

Columbus Ohio may not be one of the hottest tourist destinations within the United States, but it is home to some of the friendliest people. Columbus offers access to all necessary modern amenities and it remains one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire country. And of course, it is home to many beautiful suburbs. Many of the city’s suburbs are home to more than 10,000 residents. Which suburbs are the best? You’ll find out below.

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Driving Park

Driving Park is found on the Near East Side. A portion of the community is widely considered to be the first streetcar suburb within Columbus. The middle class neighborhood is predominantly inhabited by African American families and is home to a little over 17,000 residents. The location is well known for its racing history, hence the name. Those residing within the community have access to the Driving Park and Recreation Center. Just remember you’ll need to purchase a leisure card, in order to gain access to the facility.



Clintonville happens to be one of the most up-to-date suburbs within Columbus. It is home to approximately 30,000 residents and is considered to be an informal neighborhood. The neighborhood is gorgeous and it is filled with businesses. At the same time, tourists and locals have access to many amazing landmarks, including Whetstone Park, the Columbus Zoo and Olentangy Park. Just remember that the zoo is now a historical site and no longer a functioning facility. It was opened in May 1905 and closed in October of 1905. Nonetheless, the monkey house and the stone entrance way are still on site.

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Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington is another major suburb within Columbus. This community is home to nearly 34,000 individuals. It spans over 9.87 square miles and is occupied by a little more than 14,500 homes. The local residents have formed a tightknit community and they enjoy a handful of community events and festivals. For instance, the suburb is home to an annual Fourth of July fireworks display and parade. The location also has an annual Halloween festival and a Labor Day Arts Festival.


Woodland Park

Woodland Park may only be home to around 1,500 residents, but it has been home to many influential individuals. For instance, Emerson Burkhart and Billy Ireland were born within the suburb. Despite the compact size of the community, it is filled with a very diverse group of people from various faiths. Woodland Park is home to the Columbus Metropolitan Library, as well as the Franklin Park Conservatory!