Are you looking for the best divorce lawyer in Dayton, Ohio? Divorces have the potential of becoming messy affairs that can negatively impact both parties. It is common to hear about bad divorces that tear apart families and leave the children scarred for life. Not all divorce cases have to end like this. Despite the reason for divorce some couples can still resolve things peacefully leaving both parties satisfied.

So what is the difference between these two scenarios? Simple: the quality of the attorney.

Dean Edward Hines Co., LPA is a highly experienced law firm providing family law related legal services in Dayton Ohio. Dean E. Hines is a skilled attorney who is well versed on how to best navigate the process making it as quick and as painless as possible. Dean is an OSBA Board Certified Family Law Specialist.

Although some scenarios do not require the intervention of an attorney, others necessitate the immediate consultation of an attorney for a number of reasons.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

If you are unsure whether your situation deserves the involvement of a lawyer, here are some factors that determine whether or not you might benefit from the protection and professional guidance of a skilled attorneys in Dayton Ohio:

  • Protection from a violent/irrational spouse – Divorces are very stressful procedures and quite often, an estranged party may try to exact a violent form of revenge on either the spouse or the children. Seeking a lawyer will make it easier for you to protect yourself, your children and your property by making it easier for you to get a temporary restraining order against a bitter spouse.
  • If your spouse has legal representation – Leveling the playing field is important if you want to come out of the ordeal fairly unscathed. If your spouse has retained the services of an attorney, it is prudent that you do the same to. Failure to retain legal counsel will give your spouse an unfair advantage since his/her attorney will be focused on solely protecting their interests.
  • If you suspect that your spouse is withholding information – If your spouse appears somewhat vindictive or as if they were withholding vital information concerning your children, property or any other factor that may help the case go in their favor, getting legal representation is a vital step in ensuring that your best interests are protected.
  • Abusive relationships – One of the most valid reasons to hire a lawyer is if there is a history of domestic abuse, violence, and substance abuse among other things. A divorce attorney will keep you and your family protected throughout the entire procedure.

Divorce Lawyers in Ohio

Legal representation during a divorce is the best way to protect your interests and yourself throughout the proceedings. If you seek the services of a specialist in Dayton, Ohio, here is what you stand to gain:

  1. Experience

Divorces often develop complications midway that can become a real problem if you do not have any form of legal representation. State laws are not always in favor of an even division of property and as such, you will need a divorce lawyer to make sure that you get everything you are entitled. The resource of having an family lawyer can prove vital in complicated divorce cases that involve child custody trials and issues with child support.

  1. Error-Free

The divorce period is not a time when one is in their best state of mind. It is very easy to make erroneous judgment calls especially when it comes to the complicated legal system. A mistake as little as omitting an address or forgetting an unpaid debt can have serious implications which can lead to further litigation or serious financial consequences. Hiring an attorney helps you put together a thorough case that is void of silly but costly mistakes. Our team will ensure that your case is being handled within the proper parameters and following all the necessary procedures. The simple act of opting for a lawyer can save you a lifetime of regret.

  1. Clear and Accurate Representation of your Terms

Not many of us are well suited to prepare a coherent document that can be clearly understood by the court. To avoid getting the short end of the stick, play it safe by handing over your case to be represented by an experienced attorney who is better suited to present your case in the clearest and most precise manner possible. An attorney will present your case to the court in full clarity with no errors and the proper language in order to enhance the chances of getting the best settlement possible.Divorce Attorney Dayton OH

  1. Save Yourself the Hassle

The divorce period is a stressful one regardless of the state of the relationship between the spouses. As such, handling your case on your own in addition to adjusting to a life without your spouse can sometimes be too much for a single person to handle. To reduce the chances of the medical implications of stress occurring, hiring a divorce attorney will help you take your mind off these issues and focus on rebuilding your family or being there for your children. The legal process is not everyone’s cup of tea and is especially not something a distressed mind can properly handle.

  1. Meet All the Deadlines

A crucial reason why you should seek the services of a divorce lawyer is that they are aware of the various deadlines for submitting vital forms in a divorce proceeding. If you are not well versed in the legal procedure, you may find yourself at a legal disadvantage once you step in court that could potentially lead to the delaying of the ruling on the divorce. Prompt action from an experienced divorce attorney will likely be the difference that leads to a better ruling on your part. Furthermore, the quicker the whole process is, the more painless it will be for you and your spouse.

In conclusion, any divorce can be a stressful period of time and you will want a lawyer that understands the process. Call the Law Offices of Dean Edward Hines Co., LPA for a FREE CONSULTATION at 937-439-5708 and speak with an experienced lawyer in Dayton Ohio.

Divorce Lawyers Dayton Ohio

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