An Overview Of Romantic Restaurants In Columbus Ohio

Do you have someone special in mind that you would like to romance? Of course, you would prefer to get away for the entire weekend, but for some reason or another you are stuck in limbo.

Well do not fret, because there are several romantic restaurants in Columbus Ohio that will offer the perfect amorous setting. If you want to impress this person, you will definitely want to make reservations for one of the establishments listed below.

Z Cucina di Spirito

The Z Cucina di Spirito is a romantic nightspot, located on Grandview Avenue in Columbus. This establishment offers everything from a romantic atmosphere to delicious cuisine and wine. The staff is extremely attentive and will cater to your every need.

At first glance, you would think that the place is small, but when you walk in the door, you will be taken aback by the beautiful décor and elegant design. The wine list is quite extensive, but the wait staff will help you select the perfect bottle of wine that will compliment your meal.


If you want to be treated like royalty on your night out, you will definitely want to make your reservations at Lindey’s, as soon as possible. Lindey’s is located in the heart of the German Village, a historic neighborhood in Columbus’ South End. If you truly want to impress your date, you may want to request a table out on the patio.

The view is magnificent, along with the most delicious American cuisine you will ever taste, there is not much more that you could ask for. The establishment also offers several rooms that will provide more privacy for couples that just want to get to know each other.

Mitchell’s Ocean Club

Mitchell’s Ocean Club is located in Easton Town Center, the perfect setting for romance. This restaurant is owned and operated by no other than Cameron Mitchell, an extremely popular restaurateur.

If you are just looking for a romantic place to grab a few cocktails or fancy your taste buds, this is it. The wait staff is exceptional and the food is to die for. Mitchell’s Ocean Club offers the perfect atmosphere for a first date or an anniversary celebration.

Columbus Ohio


If the above eateries do not fancy your style, you can always check out The Melting Pot or the Martini Modern Italian. All of these establishments provide excellent service, romantic setting, and mouth-watering foods that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

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