The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium Is One Of The City's Best Attractions

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, Columbus Ohio

When it's time to visit the zoo, you have a great place to go in Columbus OH. The Columbus Zoo also features an aquarium, and you're not going to believe all of what you get to see and do there. As you make your way to the zoo and aquarium, you're also going to want to check out the Conservation Center. It is an additional 10,000 acres to explore. And don't forget the 22-acre water park and the 18 hole golf course.

I told you that you were in for quite the destination when it comes to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. This is a non-profit zoo, and that makes it even better. The Conservation Center that you get to visit is called The Wilds. Make your way to 4850 Powell Road, and you're going to be in for a lot of fun.

The water park is known as Zoombezi Bay, and you will also find a little amusement park according to the reviews. It doesn't do this place any justice to call it a zoo and aquarium because it truly has it all. It sounds like a lot of family fun, and honestly, it seems like it would take a lot more than one day to explore. One day, you might hit up the zoo and aquarium, and then the next day you could hit up the Conservation Center, water park and the rest of the attractions.

Best Zoo In Coumbus

You're going to be right by the Scioto River. You might be wondering how this zoo stacks up against other zoos in major cities. There are certainly some great zoos nationwide. The Columbus Zoo is one of the best, and it is known throughout the world. While some would argue that there are better zoos in the US, it definitely ranks near the top. As a matter of fact, it has been ranked #1 at times by certain organizations.

Attractions Of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

  • You're going to find over 600 species of animals. According to its Wikipedia page, the zoo and aquarium boast over 7,000 animals, but another source that is updated says 11,000+ animals. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium opened up in 1927, and you can imagine that it has grown over the years.

  • To get to know the zoo a little better before you visit, it helps to look at the exhibits you will find when you arrive. For example, there is the Heart of Africa exhibit. There is also the Asia Quest exhibit and the Polar Frontier exhibit. Those are just a few of the exhibits you can expect when you show up there. You're going to see and do so much that your head will spin.

  • Do you like carousels? The Mangels-Illinois Carousel is on the zoo grounds. It is an antique carousel that was constructed in 1914, and the kids are going to love it for sure. As for the water park that was mentioned, there are a total of 17 slides there. The water park has been opened since right before summertime in 2008.

  • An amusement park was mentioned, too, and it is known as Jungle Jack's Landing. There are plenty of things to do there, including a roller coaster known as the Sea Dragon. You and your family will find all kinds of rides, and that equals fun. So you have rides, a water park, a zoo, an aquarium, a golf course and a separate Conservation Center. It's like everything right there all in the same place.

  • The Congo Expedition is another one of the exhibits that are housed there. You also have Australia and the Islands, Shores & Aquarium and the North American exhibit. The zoo itself is said to feature 580 acres of fun. USA Travel Guide is one of the organizations that gave this zoo a #1 ranking in the US.

    As you can imagine, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium takes in millions of visitors each year. It is one of the best attractions in Columbus, so you've got to make time to stop by. Even if you just have a day to explore the zoo and not two or three days, you can make an attempt to see and do everything there. You're going to have a blast!

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