Is A CPA The Same As Tax Attorney?

A certified public accountant is an individual that you will meet with if you are having problems with your taxes. They are also the ones that will simply do your taxes if you would prefer not doing this on your own. On the other hand, you have a tax attorney, an individual that understands the taxes that are in your state, and can help you resolve certain issues. It is because both an accountant, and an attorney, can provide you with advice on how to resolve tax issues that many people think they are the same. Here is a quick overview of what CPA and Tax Attorneys will actually do, plus a clear reason why these two professions are completely different.

What Does A CPA Do?

Certified Public Accountant

A certified public accountant is able to help individuals and businesses do their taxes. They can also act as a bookkeeper for businesses that are always having trouble keeping track of all of their revenue and expenses. Their main goal is to make sure that you are paying your taxes on time, and if you are to receive money, that you will have this deposited into your account. Essentially, CPAs are the people that you typically go to in order to prevent tax problems from occurring.

What Does A Tax Attorney Do?

Tax attorneys are legal professionals. They have passed the bar exam for your particular state. They will specialize in tax law. They will understand how they will be able to help you resolve legal matters. These are legal issues that are specifically related to taxes that you have not paid. They can usually talk down the amount that you owe, and set up a payment schedule. This is one of tax attorney dies, and although a CPA will understand what is going on, they are not adept at filing papers to set up court dates or represent you in court. They are also not capable of negotiating deals, as this is what attorneys are trained for.

Are There Any Similarities At All?

The similarities are found solely upon the fact that they both understand tax laws to some degree. An accountant is primarily focused on keeping things aboveboard, whereas a lawyer is brought in when things have gone the wrong way. When you are facing financial problems, tax attorneys are the professionals you will want to have on your side. If you are running a business, and your bookkeeping is suffering, or your ability to pay taxes needs to be adjusted, this is where a CPA will come in.

Which One Is More Expensive To Use?

Depending upon the situation, they might be very equal in the expenses that you are going to pay. You will likely pay an accountant to manage your business five figures, or even six figures, depending upon the size of your business. If you retain a lawyer, the cost could be very similar. Additionally, if you have to go to court, especially if there is a legal matter that needs to be settled in front of a jury, you can easily hit six figures. You just need to figure out how to find a company that can help you manage your finances, or resolve your financial problems, and these professionals can do these things very easily.

How To Easily Find One Of The Best CPAs Or Tax Attorneys

If you need to find a CPA, and you search for one online, they will likely have star ratings or comments that are talking about their business. On the other hand, if you are looking for a tax attorney, a better way to find one might be to speak with someone that you know who has recently resolved a significant issue. These law firms will also have ratings. You might find a website where they are rating all of the attorneys, and you can find a tax attorney in that list. There are always ways to quickly find one of these professionals that can help you out. That's why the Internet is so useful in these situations.

If you do need to find a tax attorney, you are probably facing serious legal action. You will need to resolve this quickly. Additionally, if you are looking at a situation where your bookkeeper is potentially not doing their job, you will simply need to switch over to a public accountant that can help you out of this mess. Now that you know the difference between the two, you should consider using a proper accountant if you are having current problems. If these problems have led to the IRS contacting you, hire a tax lawyer in your local area that has a good reputation for helping people resolve problems. It is highly recommended that you have competent lawyers and CPAs working for you. By doing so, you can save money on your taxes and also avoid any potential problems that may happen in the future.