Examining The History Of Dayton Ohio

Many Americans are familiar with Dayton Ohio and some of its historical figures. However, many are not aware of the city’s history as a whole. Throughout the lifespan of America, Ohio has played a very important role and Dayton has been at the center of many of the country’s biggest achievements. The city, which is now home to over 140,000 residents, helped to shape technology and business within the country.



A group of twelve settles known as The Thompson Party founded the city of Dayton on April the 1st of 1796. The group began traveling from Cincinnati during the month of March and followed the Great Miami River. They eventually found themselves surrounded by two small Native American encampments. Today, the location is known as Saint Clair Street. It took several years before an official connection was laid out between Dayton and Cincinnati. It happened in 1797 thanks to Daniel C. Cooper. For many years, the Mad River Road was the primary way to travel between the two cities.


Revolution And Onward

The state of Ohio joined the Union in 1803. The city of Dayton was officially incorporated in 1805 and was named after Jonathan Dayton. Dayton was an influential figure. He was a capital during the Revolutionary War and conveniently owned a large portion of land within the area. And of course, he was also one of the key figures, who signed the American Constitution. Several years later in 1827, construction got underway for the Dayton-Cincinnati canal. The canal provided a more convenient method of transportation and helped to bolster Dayton’s economy during the 1800s.

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Patents And Inventions

Since the 1870s, Dayton has been integral in the development of many patents and inventions. The Wright brothers, who are widely credited for building the first airplane, called Dayton home. Charles F. Kettering, who was responsible for leaded gasoline and the electrical starting motor, also resided in Dayton. The city was also the birthplace of the first mechanical cash register and the hydraulic jump, which helped to prevent flooding.

Growth And War

John Henry Patterson purchased the National Manufacturing Company, which was owned by James Ritty. He used the company and its patents to found the NCR, National Cash Register Company. Around the 1910s, the city played an important role in the Manhattan Project. Several spots throughout the city were used for the Dayton Project and helped to develop polonium triggers, which would go on to be used in atomic bombs. As time went on, Dayton continued to expand and grow larger, thanks to new advancements such as the Interstate Highway System.

Today, Dayton is livelier than ever and the residents are proud of their city’s astounding and profoundly important history.

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