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Family Lawsuit

Divorce is an extremely emotionally challenging decision to be taken and it can all fall apart if not supported by good legal representative. To solve the complexity of legal matter genuine efforts need to be put in to unfold facts and solution oriented attitude is important. Transparency in work approach, reliable results, encyclopedic service, trust, experience and unquestionable credentials are all qualities of a board certified lawyer.

It is a great privilege to be OSBA board certified family law specialist. Very few law specialists hold the glory to be awarded by this board. Prestige for any attorney to be associated with board comes with great hardships and only after proving in tough examinations. It’s not only this, advocate needs to possess following specifications-

  • Successfully pursuing and fulfilling current education courses

  • Exhibiting and preserving significant interest in area of concern

  • Positive appraisal from well-known judges and attorneys well acquainted with them

Information regarding certified Attorney specialist

It’s a pride for an Attorney to be OSBA (OHIO STATE BAR ASSOCIATION) certified under OHIO specialty certification program. During the course of specialty program exclusive attention is paid on refinement, eminence and merit in selected option. Those who hold certificate from program wear the crown of being specialist and immerse as ace masters and practitioners, to cater felicitous legal suggestions to clients.

OSBA agency in OHIO has been responsible to bring specialization program into existence to badge Attorneys who are expert in particular field. They are specialists in rendering professional advice for apt legal solutions. The OSBA specialization program has been identified with OHIO Supreme court commission requirements and mandatory of OHIO Supreme court by rule XIV.

Board certified specialized Attorneys by OSBA work to sublimate the vision and mission of the Organization, which are- healthy practice of law and justice to all, conduct work with sincerity, promote jurisprudence and reinforcement of organizations overall purpose.

Extended Education Requirements

Along with pursuing and fulfilling ongoing education course specialized Attorney is needed to complete 12 hours of legal course in every two years which is recognized by Specialization Board and handle family law cases of “intermediate” and “advanced” type.

Further Requirements

To earn specialist honor some further requirements must also be given attention for fair and square legal practice. Positive feedback from one accomplished judge or magistrate is essential. Recommendation of at least five well known judges is needed. Ample and sufficient practice in family law cases is taken into consideration. Last but not the least Attorney must hold clear character certificate while practicing law and also hold good standing with Supreme Court of OHIO.

Safeguard finance of client

To safeguard clients financially must be concern of a family law specialist. An insurance company must approve of licensed obligation. Insurance must be bought and all documents preserved well. Specialized lawyer must be in condition to pay back in case any losses.

Reaching for high benchmark is the ultimate aim of specialty board for family law relation by OSBA. Providing quality legal service to clients is the top most priority to maintain their trust in law.

Attorneys are certified as family law specialist by CCAS (Commission on Certification Attorney as Specialist) agency by Ohio Supreme court. CCAS studies and approves those programs which stick to the guidelines set by Supreme Court.

Dean Edward Hines is an OSBA board certified family law specialist in Ohio, ardent and dedicated showing distinction in law services and solutions. Consult us if you have any lawsuits pending as we are the best and the most professional. We offer free consultation to all our esteemed clients. As this certification is not a cake walk, there are only 130 family law specialists in the state of Ohio with Dean Edward Hines being one of them.

Precise lawsuits and issues which family law incorporates are-


  • Divorce

  • Dissolution

  • Separation

  • Annulment

  • Domestic violence

  • Paternity


  • Property division

  • Debt division

  • Shared parenting

  • Child custody

  • Child visitation

  • Child support

  • Spousal support or alimony

  • Health insurance

  • Taxes

  • Premarital planning and prenuptial agreement come under family relation law.

Get in touch with Dean Hines earliest, to get clear legal solutions to all family relation law complications. Dean Edward Hines is board Certified Family Law Specialist whose services encompass an array of legal services to suit your needed specifications. Legal assistance provided by lawyer Dean Edward Hines is trustworthy and proven with experience of more than 22 years. Dean Hines office is running since 1994. Clients have confidence in skillful handling of years of knowledge in legal field for their entangled family law issues. We offer free consultation!

Dean Hines Company shows service of highest caliber dedicated legal solutions encountered by clients and give you the time and attention required. Company offers clients strategies to reach promised outcomes. Ingenious solutions, clear communication, regular updates and personal service in provided to every client we represent.


Dean Hines Company takes great pride in its successful accomplishments in family legal matters. We battle the legal war for better future and lessen the emotional pain involved in family dispute. You might relate to some of these accomplishment stories and might seek expert legal advice. We are here to aid you and help to survive through storm with minimum damage. A successful result in our cases is possible due to our adherence and allegiance in every minute detail of matter.

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Please contact Dean Hines Company office today for Attorney Dean Edward Hines expert legal advice and confidential consultation. An Ohio State Bar Association Certified Specialist will never fail you and only offer outstanding service altered according to client needs. Honest, compassionate, well versed, obtaining accurate facts and years of experience is what attracts to us and we never disappoint them. Give Dean Hines Company to help you out with family relation law matters by guiding and protecting you in process of law.

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