Top 10 Things To Know About Dayton Ohio

The state of Ohio is one that is frequently overlooked. The quaint state is filled with beautiful landscapes and historical sites, but the state often fails to gain attention nationally. It usually doesn’t make its way onto top destinations lists and this is truly a mistake. Take Dayton, Ohio for example. The city, which happens to be the sixth largest in the state, is home to a variety of important facilities and was the birthplace of many inventors. Below, you’ll learn all about Dayton.


  1. Home To The Wright Patterson Air Force Base

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base is one of the most important within the country. It was used as a testing field during World War I and for negotiations during the Bosnian War. And, it is located just 10 miles away from Dayton.


  1. Birthplace Of John H. Patterson

John Henry Patterson, who founded the National Cash Register Company, was born in Dayton. During his time, Patterson was one of the most influential and powerful businessmen in the entire world.


  1. The Wright Brothers

There is often a misconception that the Wright brothers were born in Dayton. The truth is that only Orville was actually born in the city. Nonetheless, the city proved to be important for both brothers. Both passed away in the city and chose to call it home.


  1. Premier Health Partners

The biggest employer within the city of Dayton is Premier Health Partners. The company runs five hospitals and two health center within the vicinity. It employs approximately 14,000 individuals.


  1. The Tallest Buildings

Dayton is well known for its enamoring landscapes. The Kettering Tower and the KeyBank Tower are two of the city’s tallest buildings. They stand 408 feet and 385 feet respectively.


  1. Dayton and Aviation

Dayton is widely considered to be the birthplace of aviation. Various aerospace and aviation technologies were developed within the city. In 2009, the governor officially designated Dayton as the aerospace innovation hub of the state.


  1. The Biggest Neighborhoods

Dayton is home to a variety of beautiful neighborhoods, including Wright Dunbar, Dayton View, Grafton Hill, and South Park. Most residences within these communities are single family dwellings.


  1. Importance For Fine Arts

The city plays an important role for the fine arts world. It ranks near the top 10% in the country for arts and culture. Dayton hosts the Dayton Art Institute, Dayton Ballet, and the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center.


  1. Spiritually Diverse

Few cities within America are as spiritually diverse as Ohio. The city is home to Christians, Jews and Muslims. It plays host to several important religious facilities, including the Hindu Temple of Dayton, the United Theological Seminary, and the First Lutheran Church.


  1. Tourism Is Important

Tourism is very important for the city and its inhabitants. The tourism industry is responsible for 1 of every 14 private sector jobs within the county of Montgomery. The county brings in more than 1.5 billion dollars each year in tourism related revenue.

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