America's Packard Museum In Dayton OH - Experience A Piece Of History

America's Packard Museum, Dayton Ohio

Located in Dayton OH at 420 South Ludlow Avenue, America's Packard Museum used to be a dealership back in the day. How cool is that? You're visiting the site of what used to be a dealership that sold Packard automobiles. Talk about a historical point of reference. The museum is also known as The Citizens Motorcar Company. You're going to see so many antique cars when you visit.

People that have visited this museum have referred to it as a hidden gem. While it is a popular museum, it is not a place that everyone knows about when visiting Dayton. Hey, it pays to look at lists of a city's top attractions. Then you know all the great places to visit. You don't want to miss America's Packard Museum.

How Much I Have To Pay To Get In?

You don't have to pay much at all to get into this museum, which makes for cheap entertainment. And you get to see a piece of history. As mentioned, it used to be a dealership, and the setup is still there. In other words, you get to see the restored dealership showroom. There is also a service area, which is really neat.

You're witnessing a piece of automotive history. You might be wondering just how many cars are there. There are over 60 automobiles at this museum. You're familiar with Al Capone, right? The last vehicle he owned is at the museum. That vehicle alone would make this a great stop for many people. You get to see his last car, a Packard owned by Al Capone himself.

There are two buildings to explore, and you're going to have fun to spend time looking at all the vintage cars. People report spending about an hour and a half touring the museum. That's a long enough stop to make this a fun attraction to visit, and then you have plenty of your day left to see more of Dayton OH.

Other Attractions In The Museum

Reviews point to the fact that the facility also plays hosts to certain types of events. For example, people are able to book wedding receptions there. It sounds like the people of Dayton are certainly familiar with this hidden gem. As a person traveling through, you get to experience all that America's Packard Museum has to offer, too.

While this museum is great for car buffs, it is fun for everyone. You can imagine there are some great photo opportunities. There are of course staff on site, and people say they are very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions about the museum. Witness this piece of history, situated right in downtown Dayton.

That's right, the museum's location puts it right in downtown Dayton. As you're getting more familiar with the downtown area and stopping by attractions, this museum is a good place to visit. Perhaps you can plan an afternoon where you stop by this automotive museum and then head to a hot spot for lunch in downtown Dayton.

Original Packard Sign In Packard Museum

You're not just going to see the Packards themselves, but you're going to see memorabilia and artifacts as well. The Packards were sold there during the early 1900s, and the building was renovated in 1991 to open as the current museum in 1992. There is some interesting history to learn about the original Packard sign, too.

The sign is now at the museum, but it wasn't at the building for decades. The person who bought the property and worked the renovation really did a good job of restoring the building and getting back the sign. This museum may sound like just a stop to make in Dayton, but it is nationally recognized as one of the best car museums in the US.

War machines are even housed there. You can start to get an idea of what you are going to see, but you really just need to see this Packard museum in person. There are only two days of the year that it's closed, so it's going to be easy for you and yours to schedule a visit. You are going to have so much fun getting to see all of the automobiles and memorabilia there. There is even sales and service documentation on display there. It's about more than just seeing vintage automobiles. If you are an art lover and interested in plays and concerts, you must visit Victoria Theatre, it is also a historic place to visit.

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